Square Enix Bringing Chrono Trigger to Android, Just Part of the Upcoming Rise in Android Gaming

Square Enix Bringing Chrono Trigger to Android, Just Part of the Upcoming Rise in Android Gaming

Sep 20, 2011

Big-time games are making their way to Android, one release at a time. Let’s start with Square Enix, who have announced this past week at Tokyo Game Show that their legendary 16-bit RPG will be making its way to Android as well as iOS in the next year. This RPG features players controlling Crono and his friends on a time-traveling romp to try and prevent the world from being destroyed by the Eldritch Abomination known as Lavos. The game features multiple endings, and a unique battle system where multiple party members can combine on a single powerful attack. The game received a re-release on the Nintendo DS several years back that included a new ending; that version of the game could be the basis for the mobile ports. This isn’t it for Square Enix’s upcoming Android titles; Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest and Dragon Quest: Monsters are also on their way to mobile platforms along with Android versions of Final Fantasy I & II. These titles will expand Square Enix’s currently meager Android offerings, which consist of the interactive comic Imaginary Range and Crystal Defenders.

As well, NIS America will be localizing Disgaea: Netherworld Unbound, the Android-optimized version of Disgaea only available in Japan currently. Sega has committed to releasing Sonic CD for Android as well. Full Fat Games, a successful iOS publisher, have made their debut on Android with the addictive Coin Drop. As well, the successful Stickman Golf series (both the original and sequel have been top-ranking free games on iOS) is swinging on to Android this Thursday with Super Stickman Golf released as a free to play game with tablet support. We will have a review upon launch.

The idea of Android as a gaming platform is definitely gaining steam, with more and more creators both big and small preparing to put out their titles, and now more titles will be debuting alongside their iOS releases. The time of Android gaming as a serious force may be at hand.

Carter Dotson
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