Round and about the Steel Media world (March 9)

Round and about the Steel Media world (March 9)

Mar 9, 2018

It’s about that time…

Here we go, providing you with a sample — small, but juicy — of some the content you mi?ht have missed from our sister sites in the Steel Media network. Why? Well, there is so much stuff, and so little time to get to it.

We’re talking reviews, news, commentary, podcasts, and video.

Why wouldn’t we? Here you go, fresh off last week’s presses on Pocket Gmer, i48apps and AppSpy.

Pocket Gamer

Wanna maximize those simoleons? Dave Aubrey out at PG has you covered with a formal walkthrough for the recently released Sims Mobile. Then, feel free to head on to check out Jon Mundy’s food for thought with regards to seven mobile games he figures will translate better on Switch.

Speaking of Sims and simoleons, there is another nifty podcast episode available. Episode 434 talks about Sims Mobile and Super Smash Bros Switch.


We start with some golden content for folks looking to get a leg up in several games. In fact, if you need tips and tricks for Monster Merge, Temple of Spikes: the Legend and/or Clash Royale 2v2 mode, 148apps has you covered.

Oh yeah… but of course: a comprehensive list of the best iOS games that came out this week, courtesy of Harry Slater.


You’ll wanna check out AppSpy’s current Gem of the Week (per Christian Valentin), which bread popping battle to bear in Toast Time.

And no one does video reviews better than AppSpy; it’s latest is for Temple of Spikes. Check it out here:

There you have it… can’t wait for next week!

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