Street Fighter IV HD Comes to LG Nitro HD

Street Fighter IV HD Comes to LG Nitro HD

Jan 12, 2012

Capcom’s latest edition of their game franchise about streets, fighting, and those who fight in the streets, is on Android. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it’s currently only available to LG Nitro HD owners.

The Android version, entitled Street Fighter IV HD, appears to be similar to the iOS version, utilizing a simplified 4-button system: Punch, Kick, Focus Attack, and Special Attack. As well, super and hyper attacks can be executed by tapping on the EX and Revenge meters respectively. The iOS versions controlled much better than a game with virtual controls should; likely, the Android version should be the same.

The question for those of us who don’t have LG Nitro HD phones – only available from AT&T at the moment — is when will this game reach the Android Market at large? Until that day comes, LG Nitro HD owners can download the game for free, though this appears to be limited to the first 2000 downloads, and is only through the LG SmartWorld. As well, LG and Capcom are holding a competition in LA where worthy fighters can compete to win cash and prizes in tournaments on both Street Fighter IV HD, and on the console Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition.

Carter Dotson
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