Looking For March Madness Tickets? Try StubHub For Android

Looking For March Madness Tickets? Try StubHub For Android

Mar 18, 2011

If you’ve ever gone searching for tickets to a sporting event, chances are you’ve come across StubHub. StubHub is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell tickets for sporting events, concerts and other live entertainment events. Now with StubHub’s recently released Android app, users can search, buy/sell and manage their event tickets on-the-go, wherever they may be. SubHub’s official app offers many popular features such as:

  • Find events your way: search, browse, or zero-in on your favorites.
  • See where your seats are located and get detailed ticket info before you buy.
  • Look for events in your city or switch to another location.
  • Find the tickets you’re looking for with price and quantity filters.
  • Track your favorite teams, bands, and shows to find out when they’re in town.
  • Check your orders in My Account.
  • Manage your listings in My Account: View, delete, and deactivate your listings. Edit ticket in-hand dates and adjust ticket prices.

StubHub for Android is a handy little app to have for those spur-of-the-moment opportunities and since it uses your location to find nearby events, it will make you feel like a season ticket holder no matter what city you happen to be in.

Seems like another long over due app for Android but then again, with March Madness upon us, it almost seems like perfect timing. StubHub for Android is free and available in the Android Market. Now go get your school war paint ready for battle. Go Uconn!

Download: StubHub

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