SwiftKey Flow Releases Public Beta

SwiftKey Flow Releases Public Beta

Dec 6, 2012

SwiftKey has unveiled the latest version of their popular prediction-based keyboard, available as a free public beta version. SwiftKey Flow brings many of the features of SwiftKey 3 into version 4 ,but now tracing words is available. Just start the tracing gesture by holding down on a letter and moving away from it; this causes the standard prediction options to disappear and be replaced by a display showing what word is being swiped. This is maybe the most useful feature of SwiftKey Flow; it means that tracing is more than just a crapshoot, and hitting backspace will pop up the usual prediction options. Handy.

For those who dislike tracing keyboards, don’t worry; initiating tracing is rather deliberate, so even in a public beta, this is probably the best keyboard at integrating standard and tracing typing. I found myself mixing in both while typing this out. The public beta is available direct from SwiftKey, in both phone and tablet variations.


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