Tales of the Adventure Company: Hands-On Preview with Video of the Upcoming Disco Zoo Meets Dungeon Crawler Game

Tales of the Adventure Company: Hands-On Preview with Video of the Upcoming Disco Zoo Meets Dungeon Crawler Game

May 20, 2014

The upcoming Tales of an Adventure Company takes a very interesting approach to its RPG gameplay: and it’s one that feels like it could be free-to-play, but isn’t: and because it’s about just the game itself, it’s worth keeping an eye on..

Players are presented with a set of 5×5 grids, and must manage to defeat the enemy that has the key to the next floor, before eventually fighting the boss. Enemies are laid out in set formations, so players know where additional ones might be, and new allies are in similar formations, allowing for the party to get up to 4 strong. Attacking enemies does damage to the enemy, and then they do damage back, with certain effects coming into play depending on enemy and hero abilities. Players only have a limited number of turns to get to the bottom, so just exploring all willy-nilly is not wise. Nor is letting everyone in the party die, as that’s game over.

It’s essentially a hybrid of Disco Zoo and a dungeon crawling RPG. Plenty of tile-uncovering RPGs do exist, but this game is about making it to the end in a certain number of turns, not about leveling up or collecting anything in particular: it’s about survival in the current game session.


Luck does play a definite role in the game, but the game is about decision-making in the face of the luck of the draw. Using the right character for each attack is important, even the leader on each tile’s effect is key. There are some permanent bonuses that can be unlocked for completing certain challenges, like getting other character classes to appear in other levels, but this is mostly a game about solving the challenge at hand. And while many games would use IAP to sell more turns, this game notably abstains.

Interestingly, the game releases this week for Windows Phones first, then Android on May 29th, before iOS finally releases on June 6th. This is, of course, backwards from what most games progress to in their releases.

If the game sounds intriguing – and it certainly should be – be prepared for our review on the 29th. But until then, check out this video of how the game works, and how to succeed at the first level:

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  • Slothwerks

    Developer here! Happy to answer any questions about the game. I’m really excited for the release! One small/interesting fact; Tales of the Adventure Company is sort of a remake of “Adventuring Company” which I released early this year for free on Google Play. It doesn’t have as much content and it’s not overall as polished, but take a look if Tales of the Adventure Company looks interesting to you.

    The release order is one of the things I get asked the most about. I opted to start with Windows Phone because a) smaller market gives me some insight into any issues that might come up and b) it’s a longer ramp-up period from a ‘media/press’ standpoint, giving the game more chance to build awareness. But yeah, I admit that it’s unusual compared to most games :P