Tap Dragon Park from Pocket Gems Launches Exclusively on Android

Tap Dragon Park from Pocket Gems Launches Exclusively on Android

May 11, 2012

Pocket Gems have released a new game called Tap Dragon Park for Android. The important thing about this game from the prominent publisher of free-to-play titles is that the game is their first Android exclusive game. This has players raising dragons in order to protect their kingdom. Dragons can be raised and used to fight trolls that try to attack the kingdom. Raising a stable of dragons with balanced elements becomes key to counter the elements of the trolls that attack.

Pocket Gems claims that this is their first title designed and built for Android. It incorporates some Android-exclusive features like live wallpapers that tie in to the game. With competitors in the free-to-play and social gaming space like TinyCo reporting success on Android, this may be where the big jump in Android launches occurs: in bigger companies that are willing to experiment with doing Android before going to other platforms like iOS. Tap Dragon Park is available now on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.

Carter Dotson
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  • Dnite8_alien

    my app wont let me get free gems. why?

  • Maegenweird

    This game is cute, BUT there are many things it is impossible to get
    without paying real money. One person has calculated that it costs $30
    to get one particular dragon. You are constantly under pressure to spend
    money to get ahead in this game. However what really hacks me off is
    that you get an additional boost *IF* you give the game 5 stars.

    You CAN NOT trust a game or a game company that buys its ratings.  Game
    companies with so little morals need to be pressured into stopping the
    practice of purchasing a good rating.