Tap Zoo, Top-Grossing iOS Game, Now Available on Android

Tap Zoo, Top-Grossing iOS Game, Now Available on Android

Sep 14, 2011

Tap Zoo has been one of the biggest successes on iOS that hasn’t really been talked about. In the past year since its release, the game has been on the top 10 of the iOS App Store’s Top Grossing charts for 48 of those 52 weeks. Now, the game is making the big jump to other platforms, and first on the list of non-iOS platforms? Android, of course! As one could probably infer, this means that Tap Zoo is now on Android!

Tap Zoo is a free to play gam that puts players in charge of a zoo. Don’t worry, Kevin James is nowhere to be found. Players manage its inhabitants, clean up trash, and breed rare animals to make more money for their zoo. The game uses the now-traditional two-tiered currency system, of coins and stars, the latter primarily acquired through real-world money. Though the review of the iOS version at 148Apps wasn’t too high on the game, the market has spoken as to its popularity. Popular opinion isn’t always correct (see: the current popular music scene), but this is a game that a lot of Android owners have likely been waiting on, as many Android owners are wont to do with popular iOs games.

This is Pocket Gems’ first game on Android, and likely not their last if Tap Zoo enjoys the kind of success that it has on iOS. There are specific pros and cons, however. The con is that the game only supports Android 2.2 and up, leaving some older device owners (many of whom might be the target audience for a game like this) out in the cold. However, the game is optimized for Android tablets. Tap Zoo is only for those on the cutting edge! Are you a bad enough dude to manage a zoo? Download Tap Zoo now and find out.

Carter Dotson
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