Tekoia Launches SURE Remote to Control the Connected Home

Tekoia Launches SURE Remote to Control the Connected Home

May 18, 2015

SURE Universal Remote is a new utility that looks to help users get a hold of the ever-increasing set of connected devices and appliances that are becoming more commonplace in the average home. In other words, it turns one’s compatible Android device into a smart remote control of sorts via IR and wi-fi functionality.

According to the app informational, this means the app can control a host of stuff, from set-top boxes to cable boxes to televisions all the way to home automation; it is especially tuned to work with Samsung and LG smart TV sets.

Developer Tekoia chief Victor Ariel talks about the evolution of remotes. “How often do you find yourself wasting time looking for remotes around the home? Or when you have found it how often does it need new batteries? We created SURE Universal Remote to solve this problem. The remote control like many products before it is outdated and it became apparent to us that the smartphone is becoming much more augmented with every new model, so why not have it replace our remote controls as well?” he says. “The main reason people are adopting smart technology within their homes is because of how seamless and efficient it is. So why should they accept anything less with how they can control these appliances? SURE empowers users to control their smart appliances in a quick and easy way. Just the way it should be.”

The app is available now, for free (with-ads); in-app purchasing can be used to get rid of these.

[Source: Tekoia Blogpost and Google Play]

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