Terraria: Android Rundown Video of the Day

Terraria: Android Rundown Video of the Day

Sep 17, 2013

The smash hit PC game Terraria has made its way to mobile, first on iOS, but now on Android. The 2D crafting and exploration game with RPG and questing elements has been given some slight tweaks to fit on to mobile, but this is a game that fans should enjoy for its faithfulness, providing a high-quality 2D exploration experience on the go.

The Android version of the game is free to download but only gives the tutorial mission away for free. This is two-fold: one, it serves as a test for if the game will run on the device it’s being tested on. Two, the tutorial is actually really helpful for game-specific information that might not be immediately apparent by just jumping into a randomly-generated world.

This video shows off the first ten-plus minutes of the full game, which is unlocked for $4.99. The unlock can carry across multiple devices, just make sure to install on another device after purchasing, or delete and reinstall, as the fine folks at 505 Games’ tech support informed me after recording this video. Watch, and decide if the first few bits are worth investing into further.

Carter Dotson
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