Theme Thursday: Business Ringtones

Theme Thursday: Business Ringtones

Sep 20, 2012

Editor’s Note: Regular column author Joseph Bertolini is currently injured. Wish him well!

This week on Theme Thursday, I decide to focus on Business Ringtones by RCP, something a bit different from the other columns in this series. The difference is obvious: this is an app focusing on ringtones, not on a visual theme. Yet, it still fits in a roundabout way. As part of Android’s fantastic ability to be customized to a device owner’s desires, there’s so many visual options that users have. Yet, os often phones are stuck making the same obnoxious sounds, or randomized set of ringtones and notification sounds that vary from phone to phone, and often even from ROM to ROM

And many of these built-in sounds are loud, showy, and just plain over-do it. Ever look at the ringtones on a phone and think, “these are just too much?” Or, “why can’t I just have a normal ringtone?” That’s what Business Ringtones aims to do.

The tones are all designed to be basic digital chimes, with enough differentiation to be used as the notifciation sounds for different apps, for example. I like being able to hear my phone go off and know based on the notification sound whether I just got a text message, a tweet, or an email from one of the accounts I check. That’s what these sounds enable me to do. There’s over 50 sounds available, suitable for ringtones and alerts alike. Each sound can be previewed in the app, and then saved to the phone or set as a sound immediately. Once added to the device, individual apps can easily use them for their various tones.

These subtle yet differentiated tones go well with a sleek, minimalistic theme. As well, they could be used with a more garish theme, operating as the mullet of phones: it sounds like business, but it looks like a party. Business Ringtones runs for $1.99 on Google Play, and there’s a video demo of the various tones available below. As well, developer RCP has other apps available with other types of tones, including a complete collection for $4.99.

Carter Dotson
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