Theme Thursday: Cyrix GO Holistic Theme

Theme Thursday: Cyrix GO Holistic Theme

Jul 26, 2012

The great part about the GO Launcher Dev Team products is that they all operate seamlessly in and amongst themselves. When running GO Launcher it makes more sense to go all out and use some of the other GO products such as GO SMS or GO Locker. I have used all of these and while GO SMS is not my favorite SMS application, it is more than serviceable. However, until the advent of GO Holistic themes there was no real way to synchronize one unified theme between all the GO applications because developers that created GO Launcher themes did not always create a companion GO SMS or GO Locker theme. GO Holistic themes are themes that incorporate all the GO apps under one single download which eliminates having to download and manage multiple separate versions of themes and then go through and individually change everything manually.

The theme, specifically, that is spotlighted today is Cyrix by a persistent favorite here on Theme Thursday, The theme opts for a very cool black and teal design that is very popular yet I am still on the fence. Fortunately everything is executed wonderfully and the theme looks great and the whole theme has a high level of refinement that make it look very professional. I would have liked to have seen a little more variation in the theme, however as the matte black background is somewhat boring and this is especially demonstrated in the GO SMS portion of the theme.

My favorite part of this theme has to be the locker. Remaining battery life is elegantly displayed as a fading colorful circle around the date and time. The circle changes color depending on how much battery life is remaining; passing off the information almost subconsciously. The best designs are the ones that give the information that is needed almost without the user knowing it and that is exactly how the locker works.

So for those who are a fan of the teal on black color scheme, I strongly recommend giving Cyrix GO Holistic theme a try; it is a very well done theme that helps tie all GO apps together under a unified theme.

Joseph Bertolini
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