Theme Thursday: Dark for GO Locker

Theme Thursday: Dark for GO Locker

May 10, 2012

This week for Theme Thursday, we are going to be looking at a slick little theme by a design team,, that has done a lot of fabulous work in the past and are seemingly a regular on Thursdays. Some of’s handiwork has been featured in the Theme Thursday posts (C.Black, Touch, and Cry Cloud) and this is the first time I am actually doing a Locker review from them. The theme is called Dark and, some hiccups aside, is a very competent and compelling addition to any Android.

Those familiar with or running the Nexus-style live wallpaper should feel right at home here with Dark’s linearly sprinting colors. The thin sans-seriffed font adds a great touch of class as does the diagonally striped wallpaper. The screen is segmented vertically into four different labeled sections for the time, SMS, Phone, and Unlock. Obviously, swiping across the latter three will open up their respective applications, but unlike my current locker, Four Key, there is no option to assign custom apps to messaging. This means that no matter what messaging app is defaulted, be it GO SMS, HandScent, or ChompSMS, the only one this theme unlocks is the stock Android, which is honestly disappointing.

That aside, the consistent color coordination is a great touch and the vibrant colors jump out of the dark background displaying missed calls or messages. The large time and date at the top adds a touch of class and overall the whole theme is very elegant looking. For those looking to give their phone a sophisticated look this is really the locker theme to do that. Unfortunately, this theme really becomes more style and less practical for anyone who has ditched Android’s boring SMS app in favor for its more exciting competition.

Joseph Bertolini
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