Theme Thursday: Exodus Pro Live Wallpaper

Theme Thursday: Exodus Pro Live Wallpaper

Jun 28, 2012

I guess I said everything I needed to say about live wallpapers in last week’s Theme Thursday, but I’ll give a quick rundown for those who do not feel the need to go check. I will admit there is a certain stigma surrounding live wallpapers, and some of it is deserved. Some of the highest quality, more effect oriented live wallpaper can only be run seamlessly on higher end devices, and it can be a bit of a battery drain if used in a specific manner. I, however, feel that the whole idea of having a live wallpaper should not be discarded as, under the right circumstances, they can produce stunning results that can really spice up a normally drab phone. This week, I focused my attention onto the fun and creative Exodus Pro Live Wallpaper which is made by the same design team, Joko Interactive as last week’s Photile Pro.

Unlike Photile Pro, Exodus Pro does not allow for custom images; instead it fills the background with an empty field full of floating cubes. The sense of depth here is very impressive and for home screens that feature a lot of flat widgets and icons there really is a great sense of space behind the screen. As with most live wallpapers, Exodus Pro is incredibly customizable and just like Photile the themes that are included are probably the best ones are the preset options within the app itself. Every setting here can be tweaked, such as size and popularity of the shapes as well as how busy they become; which should not come as much of a surprise as they are all pretty standard and expected.

This wallpaper is very middle-of-the-road when i comes to processing power needed to run. It should not be a problem for medium to higher end phones which makes it available to a wider audience than some of the more expensive and technically demanding live wallpapers out there. For anyone with the right phone, I would definitely recommend Exodus Pro Live Wallpaper.

Joseph Bertolini
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