Theme Thursday: Honeycomb for GO Launcher

Theme Thursday: Honeycomb for GO Launcher

Feb 9, 2012

Most of the themes looked at in this Theme Thursday blog have been for ADWLaucher, but in keeping with last week’s idea, today we’ll be looking at a Honeycomb theme for GO Launcher. For those not familiar with GO Laucher, it’s not much different than its competitors, ADW and Launcher Pro, but it’s worth taking a look for those who support it. For those of us stuck with Gingerbread for the time being, the lust for those running the radically different Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich is palpable. In the mean time the next best thing is to at least put your phone in its own slim, black dress.

The theme comes with a fairly decent set of great looking that are perfect copies of Honeycomb’s own. While there is no skin for the solid GO Widgets, a simple dark theme works just a well. As mentioned above, the included icon set is large enough and does give flexibility by including multiple icons for similar applications. A glaring omission is the lack of a Facebook icon in the free version even though a Twitter and YouTube one are included. The background is, unfortunately, a major disappointment as it was pixelated and stretched on my EVO 4G, and while easily fixed, it does not reflect well. The differences between the paid and free versions of this app are just the addition of more really great looking icons and extra backgrounds which can easily found for free within five minutes on Google Images.

This theme is at its best when it is used as primarily a modern, sleek icon set and application tray. The limitations are noticeable when too much is asked of it, but part of these are simply a reflection on GO Launcher itself and not so much the theme. For those already running GO Launcher I highly recommend checking this out, but seeing that there are similar themes on nearly every other launcher it is not going to make someone jump ship. All that said, I do love the style and as long as it is paired with the right colors and layouts this Honeycomb clone can really give an aging phone a small but sexy makeover.

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