Theme Thursday: Missed It!

Theme Thursday: Missed It!

Aug 23, 2012

Many custom launchers have the option to remove the status bar, which makes for a much cleaner look but obviously leaves the user without the very helpful notification bar. A while ago I did a Theme Thursday post about using Tasker in conjunction with Minimalistic Text to give a nice and highly customizable text notification widget, but this week I found a slightly easier way that, while not containing the high amount of customization as the Tasker and Minimalistic Text combo, still delivers a high quality widget that looks great. Simply called Missed It!, this app takes the middle-man out of the widget experience and combines the two jobs of Tasker and Minimalistic Text into one, simple app.

The first thing to do after opening this app is to pick what notifications are going to be displayed. There is a short list of the usual phone functions, such as missed calls and text messages as well as another list that displays notifications for the rest of the applications. As in Minimalistic Text there is a bevvy of customization options and I will go as far to say that I almost prefer this app than Minimalistic Text; simply because it is more user friendly and with a little patience no idea is too big to be represented. Fonts are easy to import and certain variables can be shared with other applications and widgets which adds some extended Tasker-like use to Missed It!.

It is hard to see how this app escaped my gaze for so long but after some work I feel like my set up with Tasker feeding Minimalistic Text might have finally met its match. Missed It! is a premium app but at only $1.25 it is a steal, and I even failed to mentioned the ability to display Missed It! on a custom locker with stunning results. For anyone who does not feel like wading through the messy details of Tasker, or pay its exorbitant price tag, should take a hard look at Missed It!, because it is quickly becoming one of my new favorite home screen modification tools.

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