Theme Thursday: Regina 3D Launcher

Theme Thursday: Regina 3D Launcher

Jul 19, 2012

The easiest way to customize an Android phone is to install a custom launcher. I have my beliefs about custom launchers, most of which are a need for speed. Having an older phone, by tech standards at least, is kind of tough as most new-fangled launchers have increasing visual splendor that tax my aging processor. I must note that I have used a myriad of launchers for most of my time with my Droid and I never had major problems, but after having to hard reset my phone I was surprised at just how much quicker HTC’s stock SenseUI was in comparison to what I had been using. So seeing this I opted to take a Apple-like approach and stuck with an “outdated” UI in order to preserve a swift and quality experience.

With this in mind I ventured out into the jungle that is the Google Play store in search for a new, unique launcher. Something the world had not been exposed to and something that would probably be rough around the edges. What I found was Regina 3D Launcher, and, honestly, it is not so much rough around the edges as undeveloped. I actually prefer an app being underdeveloped as opposed to having a ton of features that are broken and buggy. It is easy to see that with the level of detail and quality in each feature of Regina 3D future expansion updates are inevitable. That is not to say that Regina 3D is a bare cupboard, but unfortunately most of these radiant features are offered as separate downloads instead of simply being included in the actual app. For example, just to have the local weather display on the clock widget there are two separate apps that need to be downloaded; both of which could easily be combined into a single app, or better yet, into the actual Regina 3D download.

Regina 3D obviously tries to bring further dimensions to that simple 2D home screen. Unfortuantely, while certain effects are executed wonderfully, there are simply not enough effects here to make this app something to write home about. The impression I got after scanning its Google Play store was that I’d be having 3D home screens where each widget is slightly at an angle above the wallpaper, giving a great orthographic three-dimensional view. Unfortunately, my experience using Regina 3D was ho-hum at best, and other than an interesting app drawer screen there was nothing here that I couldn’t pull out of another launcher, say GO Launcher. To set a launcher apart in this top-heavy app market there must be something revolutionary and amazing that will give people a bona-fide reason to switch. Unfortunately, Regina feels incomplete right now, and while the parts that are there are of very high quality, the lack of a multitude of true 3D effects is very disappointing.

Joseph Bertolini
Joseph is an Mechanical Engineering student at The Ohio State University as well as an amateur photographer.
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