Theme Thursday: Text Clock Pro

Theme Thursday: Text Clock Pro

Jul 5, 2012

I wasn’t initially planning on doing another Theme Thursday on a live wallpaper but Text Clock Pro really caught my eye and I knew I had to spread the word. Designers Biegert and Funk brought the world the beauty and simplicity of the cleverly designed QlockTwo. In short, this clock is a square field of seemingly random unlit letters that light up to tell the time in 5 minute increments. For example, if the time is 5:46, the clock would read “It is a quarter til 6 o’clock.” The big draw for the QlockTwo is the sleek, minimal, and, dare I say, sexy design as the jet black glossy square face with the thin, bright white san-seriff text creating an amazing contrast. Well, with a design that is so simple to replicate it was only a matter of time before this amazingly popular design made it to Android in some form, and Text Clock Pro does not disappoint.

It would have been almost too easy for someone to just quickly code up a widget that quickly replicates its real life counterpart. However, what Text Clock Pro does is takes the idea of the clock and allows for expanded user customization as well as making it a live wallpaper. I am torn about whether or not the idea to make Text Clock Pro a live wallpaper is a brilliant idea or a limiting one, but I have to say I find that it looks stunning even as it slides behind existing widgets. And it does look stunning, everything about this wallpaper is beautiful, including all the included fonts to choose from. For Pro customers there is the option to change the ratio from the original square configuration to a smaller 15×8 rectangle. Is it worth the buck to upgrade from Lite to Pro? That entirely depends on the user and I cannot say that the Pro version is necessarily a bad deal, because, come on, it’s a buck.

The biggest selling point to this app is its simplicity and its perfect customization options that allow any user to tailor the wallpaper to suit their liking. Looking at the app’s Play page the examples are gorgeous and the possibilities are sky high. At the very least, a must try for any Android owner, Text Clock Pro brings any phone one step closer to phone perfection.

Joseph Bertolini
Joseph is an Mechanical Engineering student at The Ohio State University as well as an amateur photographer.
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