Theme Thursday: Thanksgiving

Theme Thursday: Thanksgiving

Nov 22, 2012

Thanksgiving is officially upon us, and while the local radio stations are already playing Christmas music I think it is appropriate to take at least a second to acknowledge this great holiday. Seasonal themes are always a bit of an oddity because they only get utilized for a very small part of the year and yet there are always an abundance as well as an associating demand for them. But it always seems that once their associated holiday is over they fade back to obscurity and become forgotten. But not today, today I pluck a lucky theme out of the fold and give it its rightful day in the sun. Creative names apparently are not very becoming to the app developers behind these as this weeks theme is simply, Thanksgiving for GO Launcher.

I chose this theme for a few reasons, the first being that it was simply the most creative. The hand-drawn icons are adorable and upon closer inspection I realized that what at first seemed like random themed pictures were actually very clever icons that had some association with the app they represent. For example, the Facebook icon is two pieces of wheat that are leaning in such a way that they loosely form the letter f. All the icons are very charming and they really convey a great sense of the feeling of Thanksgiving and I also appreciate the included wallpaper which adds some fun and allows this theme to not feel tacky and over worn.

There are not many icons for this theme but unfortunately this is not very surprising as including a whole suite of hand drawn and colored icons is a lot to ask for a theme that will only be used for about two weeks in the year. Still, it would have been nice to see a little more attention paid as there are a few stock Android applications that remain unthemed.

Overall, though this is a great theme that really makes Turkey Day a little more festive and is sure to get anyone in the mood to spend an entire fall day eating and watching football.

Joseph Bertolini
Joseph is an Mechanical Engineering student at The Ohio State University as well as an amateur photographer.
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