Theme Thursday – Windows XP

Theme Thursday – Windows XP

Apr 28, 2011

Hard to believe it’s already Thursday again, but here we go with another Theme Thursday! One more day ’til the weekend, and one more fancy shmancy theme to show off on your Android-powered phone or tablet.

Last week, we showcased Hand Carved, a great theme that conveyed a lot of warmth and feeling. This week, we’ve got something entirely different.

The week’s theme is, well, it’s Windows XP.

I have to admit, I’m having a hard time figuring out who would actually want their phone to look like Windows XP, but there is kind of a strange appeal to this theme. I guess you could call it nostalgia, considering how old that operating system is. At the very least, it’s been a good conversation starter!

As usual, this is another theme for ADW Launcher, the highly customizable home replacement for Android that allows you to do some very interesting tricks with the user interface, either making it easier to use your device or to simply make it look really cool. Although, it’s arguable how “cool” it is to have Windows XP on your device.

Aside from the obvious wallpaper and custom icons is the “Start” button which you can assign to the app drawer. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Hit the start menu to access all of your apps and games, just like on a desktop PC. The developer has included instructions on how to do it, as it might be a bit tricky if you’re not used to customizing.

I’ve been getting quite a kick out of showing it off to friends and family. I even managed to convince a few gullible souls to believe I’d actually installed Windows XP on my phone. So, at least it’s worth it for the fun factor!

The Windows XP theme costs €0.59 (about $0.86) on the Android Market.

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