Theme Thursday: WOOD

Theme Thursday: WOOD

May 31, 2012

One surefire way to add a touch of elegance to any theme is to put a nice dark wood background. The folks at Lucky Art obviously realize that and have provided us with the best hardwood theme for GO Launcher aptly titled WOOD. The provided wallpaper is easily this theme’s strongest asset as the deep browns really pop, and they are just amazing. Unfortunately, I immediately recognized the background as simply a manipulated version of a black and white hardwood wallpaper that I used to employ as my wallpaper and actually have for my ChompSMS background. While this is a little disappointing it does not affect the overall quality of the look. Lastly, the dark background to the dock adds a nice sunken effect that will really add a lot to character to any home screen.

Easily the most perplexing part of this app is that it comes with absolutely no icons. Zero. Initially I was shocked and re-installed the app thinking there was a problem, but what the developer’s intended was to use GO Launcher’s default app selection and then utilize an attractive sunken square slot for all the other icons. I cannot decide wether this should be applauded for its efficiency or derided for its laziness because the default GO Launcher apps actually work very well in WOOD’s theme. The problem is GO Launcher does not come with very many icons, just enough to cover the basic phone functions with not even a Facebook icon.

This theme is best kept minimalistic on the home screen as the bare wood works well with a favorite text clock or something simple. Also, this is a darker theme so I would recommend using the transparency theme for GO Widgets. In conclusion, anyone looking to add the nice touch of modern hardwood to their phone should look no further than WOOD for GO Launcher by Lucky Art.

Joseph Bertolini
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