Timbre Makes Local Music Discovery Easy

Timbre Makes Local Music Discovery Easy

Mar 8, 2013

Want to discover new bands that are playing in your area? Well, Timbre is a music discovery app that wants to make it easier to discover bands.

What users do is that they boot up the app, the app discovers the user’s location, and then a variety of bands that are performing in the area will be displayed. Users can tap on the name to start hearing music from that band. If they’re interested, they can tap the tickets icon to search ticket websites to go see that band, or to tap the share icon to just share that band with others. Timbre calls this local music discovery, as it is based on finding local concerts.

If you’re traveling, you can find bands in other areas by manually entering another location. As well, there’s the ability to increase the search radius to up to 50 miles, or decrease to as low as one mile if you’re looking for really local shows. The app is now available on Google Play.

Carter Dotson
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