Time Surfer for Android Hands-On Video: Android Rundown Video of the Day

Time Surfer for Android Hands-On Video: Android Rundown Video of the Day

Sep 30, 2013

Time Surfer, Kumobius’ Braid-meets-TinyWings endless runner, finally makes its debut on Android as part of the Humble Mobile Bundle 2, and it’s featured in our Video of the Day.

Riding the waves of space while trying to avoid the heat death of the universe is tricky, but thankfully the ability to turn back time to try and correct mistakes makes the challenge more manageable. Cakes can be collected which can be used to buy new costumes, including distinct non-surfers like a Delorean-esque car and the protagonist from Mikey Shorts (which really needs to get on Android at some point), new surfing trails behind the character, and temporary boosts to help delay the end of the world.

Unlike many games that debut on Android, this is actually feature-identical with the iOS version, featuring The Kepler Run mode where black holes dot the landscape and require new strategies to deal with the unpredictability. Remember, they can be used not just to pull downward, but upward as well…

In this hands-on footage, I take you through the basics of the game and show off all three modes, including Hell and The Kepler Run.

Carter Dotson
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