Toodledo Tweaks Features and Clears Bugs via Update

Toodledo Tweaks Features and Clears Bugs via Update

Jan 5, 2017

Toodledo is a very well-respected cross-platform utility, and it’s Android port is getting freshened up.

Out the door (for 2017), Toodledo is getting saved search and custom ring tones, plus a WHOLE bunch of bug fixes.

Per Google Play:


+ Saved Search added!
+ Location alarms can have a custom ringtone
+ Fixed crash when sharing a task and then canceling share
+ Fixed bug where HTML formatting of note could be discarded
+ Fixed a bug where editing a note could not save the changes
+ Fixes a bug with syncing repeating subtasks properly
+ Fixed a bug with creating folders or contexts while offline and then syncing later
+ Fixed a bug with doing a search and then doing another search
+ Archived folders will be hidden now

Toodledo remains free on Google Play.

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