Topia World Builder Gets Big Update

Topia World Builder Gets Big Update

Aug 28, 2014

Topia, the benevolence game that allows folks to live vicariously through world building, has just received a big update. The game allows players to create and maintain intricate lands and manage livestock in a natural simulation environment.

Per the Google Play app page, Build 12 brings:

Herbivores can outnumber and kill a carnivore.
Poips now eat trees.
Shoals of fish.
Amphibious Broncodiles.
‘3D’ gyro driven view motion where supported.
Day/Night cycle.
Land creatures are less likely to wander into the sea.
Birds don’t get stuck and interact with the Landscape.
+many small fixes.

Altogether, it sounds as though the game engine has been refined with more logic. The day/night cycle will definitely help with realism.

We had an opportunity to review Topia a short while ago; it’s available on the Play Store for $1.99.


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