Tower Rumble is Due Out Soon

Tower Rumble is Due Out Soon

Sep 8, 2016

There’s a new tower defense game with match-3 elements on the horizon called Tower Rumble.

Excerpts from the press release:

In TOWER RUMBLE, you’ll play as a powerful steward king facing heavily armed enemies while an ancient evil lurks in the shadows… Build and customize your army from the ground up in solo Arcade and Campaign modes — or rip a friend to shreds in the local PvP mode.

The land of Artyficia was once guarded by the mighty Wizard King. The Great Calamity forced the Wizard King to retreat into the Dream Realm, ordering his trusted steward kings to awaken him in case of dire need. However, each king decided to ignore the order — building towers in their honor and mounting attacks on the opposition. Will they be able to set aside their pride and join forces to defeat a common enemy?

The game begins by choosing from a number of unique armies with 4 colorful skins and 42 customizable skills and power-ups. The goal? To overrun enemy defenses and ruthlessly take over their towers one by one.

Spells are randomly generated by color during battle. Swipe into each battle lane to buff allies, debuff enemy soldiers, or impact both armies. Try to match spells of the same color for additional strategic choices. Different upgrades for your tower and army will also appear on the map. But be careful: Although tower upgrades may turn the tide of battle in your favor, they can also turn it *against* you!

* Match and sling your ever-changing stack of spells to power your troops to victory.
* Customize your army with 4 colorful skins and 42 skills and power-ups.
* Battle a friend on the same device in 2-player mode.
* Campaign solo across Artyficia battling epic bosses.
* Upgrade towers to unlock your army’s full potential!

The due date is September 14th, and will be free with a couple of unlock tiers.

The trailer is below.

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