Two Tribes is Dead. Long Live Two Tribes!

Two Tribes is Dead. Long Live Two Tribes!

Jan 9, 2014

Toki Tori creators Two Tribes are out of business now – sort of. The development side of the company has gone out of business thanks to the elongated development time of Toki Tori 2+, which also failed to hit sales projections. So the company hasessentially rebooted itself with its founders and is working on a new game using that game’s engine.

The good news for fans of Two Tribes games is that the games were published by a legally separate Two Tribes entity, so games like Toki Tori, and published titles like Edge aren’t going away, so it’s smooth sailing there.

In summation, Two Tribes is dead, Two Tribes lives, Two Tribes has been reborn.

Carter Dotson
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