Turbo Announces Upcoming Game Super Senso

Turbo Announces Upcoming Game Super Senso

Dec 12, 2015

Turbo Studios has just announced upcoming game Super Senso, a title based on a Nintendo classic.

Inspired by the Nintendo classic Advance Wars, Super Senso pits player versus player in fast-paced matches on vivid 3D battlefields to compete for rare rewards, exclusive content and global supremacy. Players collect and unleash massive, customized mechs on their enemies while amassing unstoppable, smash-up armies of zombie soldiers, tanks, ninjas, weaponized dinosaurs, UFOs and much more. Outsmart, outplay and obliterate opponents in PvP battles of epic proportions!

Super Senso is targeted squarely at the rapidly evolving, hardcore mobile games community, and TURBO has already enlisted players from prominent esports teams to collaborate on game development and post-launch tournament activities. Flying in the face of prevailing trends, Super Senso sticks to a simple, pro-player philosophy: free-to-play does NOT need to mean pay-to-win. Microtransactions will afford players with multiple choices for unlocking new content, as well as cosmetic personalization options, but TURBO’s vision is to create a balanced, play-to-win experience for its users.

The game will be free-to-play and is slated to be released in early 2016; for folks who just can’t wait to get a taste, the public beta can be signed up for HERE.

[via TURBO Blog Post]

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