Twitter For Android Gets An Update

Twitter For Android Gets An Update

Nov 4, 2010

Twitter has released an update for their Android application, bringing it to version 1.0.5. It seems most social mongers have gone the route of using apps – like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, etc. – that have the ability to manage multiple social accounts, but if you are a lone wolf like myself and still using the Twitter app here is what’s new and improved:

  • Promoted tweets in search. Searching for a topic will return promoted tweets if there are any.
  • Speed improvement for Timeline/lists. Scrolling Tweets is lot smoother now.
  • About, Privacy & Terms added to Settings. Go to Home -> Settings -> About to see what version of Twitter for Android you are running.
  • Quote/Retweet confirmation dialog. The user has the option to either Retweet, Quote, or cancel when tapping on the retweet icon.
  • Cleaner timeline.
  • Tweet details. Tap a tweet to view its details.
  • Tweet actions in search results (retweet, favorite, share, reply).
  • Pull-to-refresh. From the top of a list, pull down and release to refresh the list.
  • Swipe to reveal. From your timeline, fling a Tweet left or right to reveal actions underneath.
  • Inline maps. Open a tweet with a geolocation to view a map inline with its content.
  • Search results now contain top tweets.
  • Page break. If you haven’t refreshed in a while, you may see a page break in your timeline. Tap the page break to load tweets.

Anyone notice what they did not add in this update? Bring back our bird! I have put off updating my Twitter app because I didn’t want to lose my cute adorable blue bird but I’m thinking I have no choice now. A few other sought after features such as auto-complete and multi-account support are still missing but this is still a great update for those who only need to access a single Twitter account.

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