Universal Native Screen Capture to Finally Come to Android in Ice Cream Sandwich

Universal Native Screen Capture to Finally Come to Android in Ice Cream Sandwich

Oct 18, 2011

iOS and Android users may constantly bicker over the quality of each other’s OS, but if there is one thing that iOS unquivocally has an advantage in up to this point, it’s screen capture. For game reviewers who need to take screens without marketing text on top, or those looking to share that funny thing that their friend texted them, iOS has had the definite leg up on Android. On any iOS device, tapping the lock and home buttons simultaneously takes a screen capture. On Android? This is a trickier proposition. Some phones have this functionality built-in, while others are provided it by custom ROMs, often by holding down back and hitting the lock button. Others just don’t have it at all, requiring use of DDMS to take screens over USB or apps that require root. There’s just not an easy way to do it on Android.

Well, not yet. According to Android Police, Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) will support this function universally by tapping volume down and lock simultaneously. This will be a dramatic help to anyone taking screen captures, as I’ve even heard from newcomers to Android development used to iOS development where screen capture is a breeze that there’s just no easy way to take screenshots. No longer! This will make app and game reviewing a much easier proposition, as finding and taking screens is just a much bigger challenge on Android; it could be a barrier for reviews of Android apps as a whole because it is a concern.

Of course, this will still be an issue for many Android owners due to not getting the latest OS immediately thanks to carrier and/or manufacturer incompetence, but for those who will be using Ice Cream Sandwich devices, this convenient little feature is hopefully soon going to be in their hands, with the public unveiling of Ice Cream Sandwich on the 18th.

Carter Dotson
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