E3 2013: Unu Aims To Take Over Your TV, Tablet Style

E3 2013: Unu Aims To Take Over Your TV, Tablet Style

Jun 11, 2013

We had a morning meeting with the folks behind Unu, the new 7-inch gaming tablet that turns your giant HDTV into a smart TV that plays Android games from the Google Play Store.

Drop this little tablet into a dock, or connect it via HDMI, and you’ll be able to use the “air-mouse” remote to navigate the interface and even play games (I got to fling Luke Skywalker Angry Birds). Add an Xbox-style gaming controller and you’re rocking the mid core gaming scene on your HDTV.

Unu Tablet

Pull the tablet away from your giant screen, and you can navigate via tough, still use the gaming controller, and play games on the go. Take it to a buddy’s house and plug directly in via HDMI. It’s the ultimate Android-powered mini tablet.

Check out this short Vine video of the Unu system in action.

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