Upcoming game Color Magnet due out this week

Upcoming game Color Magnet due out this week

Jul 4, 2017

Development house The One Pixel has a new puzzler which is set to launch soon on Google Play, we hear that Color Magnet will be ready for our downloading pleasure quite soon.

This week, as a matter of fact.

Per the presser:

Color Magnet is a relaxing yet very challenging puzzle game to exercise the brain and sharpen our mental skills. Its has a polished design and it features 3 distinct game modes: Classic – that entices the player to beat his highscore, Universal – presenting the same sequence for everyone, and Puzzle – with 30 challenging puzzles to solve in limited moves

We hear the game will have two color modes — appropriate, no? There are also achievements and the like to tackle.

Sounds fun… $2.99,no IAP (yay!) and the launch date is July 6th. Not too long… in the mean time, we do get to enjoy the trailer:

[via Color Magnet website]

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