The Verge Launches Official App With Video Content Available

The Verge Launches Official App With Video Content Available

Jul 19, 2012

Vox Media’s technology site, The Verge, has just launched their official mobile app, covering everything technology from their expansive list of veteran writers and reporters.

All the stories posted on the site can be read through the app. There are separate categories available for stories, reviews, and their long-form features. Video and audio from the site can be viewed under the media tab, and is all optimized for Android devices. Have something to say? Commenting is also possible through the app. Want to follow a particular topic? Use the Follow button to get updates whenever an update is posted. Of course, everything can be shared through Android’s built-in sharing options.

The app doesn’t just contain technology news and reviews; content from Polygon, Vox Media’s upcoming gaming site that currently posts under the “Gaming” category on The Verge, is also available. The app is currently not tablet-optimized, though it will work. Some items like advertisements appear extremely stretched-out, though. The Verge’s official app is available on Google Play for free.

Carter Dotson
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