Verizon to Introduce Awfully Inconvenient “Convenience Fee” in January

Verizon to Introduce Awfully Inconvenient “Convenience Fee” in January

Dec 30, 2011

In a move torn straight from the pages of Kafka, though I doubt he had any idea about cellular phones, Verizon has introduced a baffling new fee for their customers. Starting January 15th, customers who pay online will now have to pay a $2 “convenience fee” on their bill. This is silly for two distinct reasons – first, the idea that users should have to pay extra for the convenience of paying their bill. Does this mean that their default expectation should be to be inconvenienced? Have users who felt like they were not being inconvenienced now be pleased, or angry that they will now be convenienced?

The other silly thing? Well, payments by mail will not have to pay this fee. That seems like it would be more inconvenient than web-based payments, but apparently not. Auto-billing doesn’t have to pay the fees, but then that means that bills can’t be reviewed before being paid.

Source: Engadget

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