Verizon Offers Android Hotness Without the Contract

Verizon Offers Android Hotness Without the Contract

Sep 6, 2010

  Is fear of commitment the only thing keeping you from buying that HOT Android phone you’ve been wanting? Maybe it’s your not-so-great credit? Perhaps you and contracts just don’t get along? Well my friend, with this recent Verizon Wireless announcement, you no longer need to feel left out of the action packed Smartphone arms race. Soon you too will be able to pack the latest and greatest Android powered heat.

Verizon plans to expand it’s prepaid offerings to include a new 3G Prepaid data package ranging from a $10 monthly data package for 25 MB per month (.20/MB overage) or unlimited data at the familiar price of $30 monthly access. Ready for the best part? Check out this list of Android powered devices that will soon be available for these Prepaid services:

  • DROID by Motorola

  • Motorola DEVOURâ„¢

  • DROID X by Motorola

  • DROID 2 by Motorola

  • DROID Erisâ„¢ by HTC

  • DROID Incredible by HTC

  • LG Allyâ„¢

  • That’s a pretty impressive list. Certainly not what we are used to seeing with Prepaid phones. I’m not sure if you will be able to switch over to a Prepaid service if you already own one of these devices but that would be a nice option to have. I’m at least happy to see Verizon offering more options for people who want to experience the newest Android powered devices. To find out more info and for the full list of soon-to-be available phones click on the link below:

    Verizon Wireless Prepaid Goodness

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