Viddy, the “Instagram for Video” is Now on Android

Viddy, the “Instagram for Video” is Now on Android

Dec 14, 2012

Pictures say a thousand words. Videos then, by comparison, say thousands of words. Viddy records 15-second videos to be shared with the world. So, 30 FPS video, 15 seconds, that’s 450,000 words. That’s about 80 percent of War and Peace.

Well, the odds are that videos created with Viddy won’t be as profound as Tolstoy’s famous work. But hey, when it comes to video sharing, Viddy enables short videos to be shared. Share a quick clip of something to the world. That big drop on a roller coaster. A friend about to fall backward out of their chair. People dancing on the street. Or whatever. Brevity is the soul of wit, after all.

Viddy is deserved as the Instagram of video sharing, and it’s partially because filters can be applied to videos. It’s also because it serves as its own social network, with the ability to follow people who share videos, and find interesting short videos. Viddy is available for free from Google Play.

Carter Dotson
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