Vyper Snakbyte Tablet and Gaming System Coming to North America Very Soon

Vyper Snakbyte Tablet and Gaming System Coming to North America Very Soon

Jan 8, 2014

Sunflex has announced the release date, configurations, and prices for the Snakebyte Vyper, a tablet with media dock and HDMI output. The 7″ quad-core tablet with Google Play access is now available in Europe, and will launch in North America on January 31st from a variety of online retailers including Amazon. It will come in two configurations: a $199 version with the tablet, dock, and Vyper Airmouse for media controls and mouse functionality, along with a $249 version that has all that and a wireless gamepad.

According to Nicki Repenning, vice president of business development for Sunflex, “We created two different controllers for Snakebyte Vyper so gamers can choose how they want to play the tens of thousands of exciting games in the Google Play Store – play on the tablet, or on any HDMI TV with the motion controller or wireless game controller.” Given that most microconsoles are tethered to the TV and don’t feature Google Play access, this tablet could be an interesting option for flexible gamers.

Snakebyte Vyper hardware

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