Walk the Line With Google Maps Update

Walk the Line With Google Maps Update

Sep 20, 2010

Google has released a new update for Google Maps which will have us all “Walking the Line.” This new feature merges the already familiar “Navigation” with the “Walking Directions” to create well, umm, you guessed it: “Walking Navigation!”

Walking Navigation can be used by clicking on the “Walking” option of the “Navigation” menu (Keep in mind this is a Beta and may not have the most current information or best routes). Google did a really good job optimizing the features to the environment they will be used in. This includes automatic map rotation to ensure you have a correct point of view while turning. Another new feature is a vibrate notification to let you know when to make a turn. There is an option to mute the voice navigation and use text notifications only. This brings a sigh of relief for those of us who don’t enjoy broadcasting the fact that we’re tourists or that we have a high-end phone worth stealing.

Google has also added Street View on Google Maps. Go to the Android Market and download the update for the “Street View on Google Maps” and you can now get a sneak peek of where you’re going. Simply drag the peg man around and view street-level imagery straight from your phone. But wait, there’s more!

You will also notice a new Google Maps search bar conveniently located at the top of the map. Just tap and start searching and enjoy some of the new additions such as the ability to filter searches, view prices and see cross streets. As always, Google continues to advance its already amazing applications. Pretty soon Google will have us teleporting straight to our destinations.


Vincent Messina
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