Wallpaper Wednesday — Shake Them All, NFL Playoffs, and more…

Wallpaper Wednesday — Shake Them All, NFL Playoffs, and more…

Jan 12, 2011

Who doesn’t love a good wallpaper? They’re one of the first things we customize on our mobile devices. Some people pick one and stick with it, others change them like they’re TV channels. Wallpapers are as unique as the individuals who use them. They represent our moods, thoughts, ideals, and just plain insanity. I mean if it weren’t for wallpapers, app markets wouldn’t have the ludicrous numbers they so proudly boast.

We here at Android Rundown appreciate the pivotal role these pixel palettes play in our mobile lives and have decided to dedicate every Wednesday to them. Cleverly named “Wallpaper Wednesday” will feature a small number of live wallpapers, and photos that users can download. Most photos will need to be resized to fit your particular device and live wallpapers only work with compatible devices. So — without further ado, I present you Wallpaper Wednesday!

Live Wallpapers

[Disclaimer: Live Wallpapers may cause excessive battery drain and/or lag issues and only work with supported devices running Android 2.1 or higher.]

Shake Them All! – This live wallpaper by Yougli features little Androids that react to gravity, touching, shaking and even light and sound. This live wallpaper is fun and is full of customizations.

Customize the number of androids, their size, color, and how they react. There is even a skin manager that allows you to download additional characters or android skins that can be used. You can also use a background image instead of using the default color which is nice if you’re looking to keep the wallpaper image you currently use.

Download: Shake Them All! Live Wallpaper

Blue Skies – If you’ve ever dreamed about flying through the sky atop Falkor as Bastian did in “The Never Ending Story”, then grab this 3D live wallpaper by KittehFace Software. Soar through the clouds in this extraordinary and serene live wallpaper and you’ll soon realize how the phrase “on cloud nine” came to be.

Download: Blue Skies Live Wallpaper

Hearts Live Wallpaper – This one is for the ladies and also comes to us from KittehFace Software (they actually have lots of nice live wallpapers). Brighten up your homescreen with this colorful wallpaper featuring floating heart cuteness. A perfect live wallpaper to pick up before Valentines day.

Download: KF Hearts Live Wallpaper


[Note: In order to save wallpapers you have to open them in a new tab or window — Pics must be resized to fit your device]

I figure since it’s playoff season some of you may be looking to rock your favorite team logo as your wallpaper, so here’s one for each team still in the running (Go Pats!).


Hope you enjoyed this weeks first installment of wallpapers and be sure to check us out every Wednesday for your Wallpaper fix.

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