Wallpaper Wednesday – Beastly Sexiness, Doom and more…

Wallpaper Wednesday – Beastly Sexiness, Doom and more…

Mar 9, 2011

Who doesn’t love a good wallpaper? They’re one of the first things we customize on our mobile devices. Some people pick one and stick with it, others change them like they’re TV channels. Wallpapers are as unique as the individuals who use them. They represent our moods, thoughts, ideals, and just plain insanity. I mean if it weren’t for wallpapers, app markets wouldn’t have the ludicrous numbers they so proudly boast.

Here we are again. It’s Wednesday and we’re ready to give you some wallpapers. This week features a live wallpaper with a blast from the past. A few static wallpapers from the new tween movie sensation Beastly and our usual showcase of randomness to pick from. Give them a look, read the wallpaper announcements and instructions and turn your device into a unique reflection of your inner soul (say what?). Don’t like what we have, send us some suggestions. We love hearing from our readers!

Your weekly Live Wallpaper Announcement

Remember, live wallpapers can only be used with supported devices running Android 2.1+. I see a lot of people downrating live wallpapers in the Android Market because “it won’t open,” or “I can’t find it.” Live wallpapers aren’t like regular apps, they won’t show up in your app tray and they don’t “open.” You can access your wallpapers a couple of different ways:

  • Long press screen>Wallpapers>Live wallpapers
  • Press your device’s menu button>Wallpaper>Live Wallpaper

Please make sure your phone supports live wallpapers and you are familiar with how to use them before giving developers a bad rating. It really isn’t fair to them. Now let’s check out those wallpapers!

Live Wallpapers

[Disclaimer: Live Wallpapers may cause excessive battery drain and/or lag issues and only work with supported devices running Android 2.1 or higher.]

Photile Live Wallpaper – Photile by Joko Interactive puts a neat twist on your photos by transforming them into a floating grid of fading, sliding tiles. I love having a custom picture as my wallpaper so I love it even more whenever I can find a live wallpaper that allows me to use my current picture. Photile is clean and attractive with a plethora of options and even comes with a settings widget for easier access. This one’s a keeper.

Download: Photile Live Wallpaper

Direct Android Market Web Link: Photile Live Wallpaper

Solar Wind Live Wallpaper – Solar Wind is a colorful, flowing, sleek live wallpaper by A.O.I Studio. Watch as brilliant color particles float, glide, and splash across your devices screen. Choose from one of many preset styles or make it unique by customizing particle numbers, size and speed. Absolutely free and absolutely stunning!

Download: Solar Wind Live Wallpaper

Direct Android Market Web Link: Solar Wind Live Wallpaper

Doom Live Wallpaper – Ahh, Doom. The science fiction/horror themed video game that popularized the first person shooter genre. Relive this classic through this fully interactive live wallpaper by James Gittens. Help keep your guy alive by dropping various weapons and health packs as he tries to ward off troves of monsters, all of which are from the original Doom game. A fun, retro, and interactive live wallpaper doubling as a mini-game time killer. Nostalgia here we come.

Download: Doom Live Wallpaper

Direct Android Market Web Link: Doom Live Wallpaper


[Note: In order to save wallpapers you have to open them in a new tab or window — Pics must be resized to fit your device]

Device doesn’t support live wallpapers? No need to worry, here are some static wallpapers to enjoy. A couple tween heartthrobs from the motion picture Beastly along with the usual random goodness.



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