Where’s My Water? Available for Free on Amazon Appstore Today

While price drops to free may not necessarily be a good thing as far as justifying the price of paid apps, we here at Android Rundown would be remiss if a great freebie came along and our readers didn’t know about it. This one is a doozy, too. Disney’s physics puzzler Where’s My Water? is available for free today on the Amazon Appstore. This should prove to be a great bargain to new Android owners, especially those who have the Kindle Fire. This is one of the best mobile games of 2011, so every Android owner who hasn’t picked up the game yet should do so immediately. This is the second major free promotion for the game – Apple gave the iOS version away for free as part of a promotion on their Facebook page, which has also included other major titles like Jetpack Joyride and Bejeweled. The Amazon free promotion ends at around midnight Pacific time, so interested parties should click here to download immediately!

Carter Dotson
Carter Dotson, editor of Android Rundown, has been covering Android since late 2010, and the mobile industry as a whole since 2009. Originally from Texas, he has recently moved to Chicago. He loves both iOS and Android for what they are - we can all get along!
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