Whale Trail Frenzy Tries to Appease Users in its Free to Play Shift

Whale Trail Frenzy Tries to Appease Users in its Free to Play Shift

Jul 31, 2012

The lede to this story is that <em>Whale Trail Frenzy, a free version of Whale Trail, is now available, but the context must be given first.

There was the controversy recently when Dead Trigger went from $0.99 to free, but a lot of the anger was contained by the fact that the game never really changed – it was always about IAP as a second currency. Not so much with Whale Trail – it has made the shift to a free-to-play game, adding in upgrades, costumes, and a currency called krill to help fund the title.

On iOS, the main game shifted to free-to-play, and some anger was had by players who didn’t like to see a game shift from being a simple $0.99 experience to one that was free with IAP, even if the game did give previous players 8000 krill to try and tide them over.

However, on Android, ustwo has gone a different route, leaving the original Whale Trail up as Whale Trail Classic, and selling Whale Trail Frenzy now, which is the free-to-play version. Of course, no one can be happy: there’s a customer review on Frenzy suggesting that they should have just updated the original app.

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