What’s New – Official Redbox App, Twitter Update and more…

What’s New – Official Redbox App, Twitter Update and more…

Feb 10, 2011

Official redbox App for Android

Redbox users rejoice! No more late night disappointing trips to your local redbox kiosk. The official redbox app for Android hit the market today and is ready for download. Users can search for nearby redbox kiosks, add them as favorites, and even get directions. The days of being stuck with some sappy chick flick are over! See every movie that’s available at redbox and at your favorite redbox kiosk before you get there. Go ahead and feel manly reserving that gun blazing, explosion packed action-thriller right from your phone so that it will be there waiting after a hard day of work.

Download: redbox

Direct Android Market Web Link: redbox

Twitter 2.0 Update Available

Android’s official Twitter client received an update today bringing it to version 2.0. While most users will argue against using the official Twitter client in favor of using the all-in-one clients such as Tweetdeck, I believe the official Twitter app fits its niche well. The newest version 2.0 has added some new features while improving upon others:

  • Easier navigation and layout.
  • Scan your contacts to find friends that are on twitter (under search screen).
  • Universal search.
  • Autocomplete @usernames while tweeting.
  • Easier photo uploading.
  • Faster tweet actions (reply, retweet, follow, etc.).

If you are already using the official Twitter client you may need to check the Market to see the update (I never received an update notification). To update and start using the new Twitter 2.0 just follow the links below.

Download: Twitter For Android

Direct Android Market Web Link: Twitter For Android

American Airlines

Any AA flyers out there? We’ve seen other airlines branch out and offer Android apps and now it’s American Airlines turn. They just recently released their app on Android allowing users to check everything from boarding gates to standby lists. Some other great features include:

  • Check In For Flights
  • Check Flight Status & Schedules
  • Create Flight Status Notifications
  • Access your AAdvantage® account
  • Track your Elite Status progress
  • Book Flights
  • View terminal maps
  • Enroll in the AAdvantage® program
  • Play Sudoku (Wait what?)

My favorite is the “Play Sudoku” feature, didn’t see that one coming! The app is free and available in the Android Market. So, if you happen to refer to the airport as your “second home,” I recommend hitting up the links below.

Download: American Airlines App

Direct Android Market Web Link: American Airlines App

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