Word Off Coming to Android, and Every HTML5-Capable Browser Under The Sun

Chicago-based mobile developer Toy Studio has announced their new word game Word Off!, which comes with a lofty promise: true cross-platform play.

The game itself is a battle on a board with hexagonal pieces, with 15 turns where players try to conquer territory with the words they form, hoping to gain points and defeat their opponent. There are boosts that can be played to help get an advantage on opponents. The game will be free to play, and there is mention of coins to purchase boosts, but boosts will be limited to three boost uses per game.

The game will be available on Android when it releases in many forms. The developers promise that it will be available for Kindle Fire, Nook Color, and Nook Tablet, so it will likely be available through their respective app stores. As well, the game will be available on any HTML5-capable web browser, and on the iOS App Store as well. All these versions can play against each other, and players can log in from any device that they have. The game is tentatively scheduled to release for almost every device under the sun later this month.

Carter Dotson
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    I agree! But I do consider HTML5 to be more than just the spec that the W3C validator checks your document against. Part of youtube html5 playerinvolves standards for bolt on technology including web workers, CSS3, server sent events, etc. that are going to (I hope) revolutionize the web and do away with the need for 3rd party browser plugins