WordPress for Android Gets Update

WordPress for Android Gets Update

Sep 29, 2014

For many a blogger, the WordPress app for Android is a very important tool, especially for those that are often on the go; even if just for drafts, having such an app can be a lifesaver. In fact, having the app available is one reason I eventually moved my personal blog from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress.

Users of the app have yet another reason to be happy: the constant improvements, culminating (temporarily, we hope) in the latest update, which is rolling out now.

Version 3.2 brings (per the Google Play page):

* Notifications screen redesigned for better readability
* Post upload notification improvement with new thumbnail and progress bar
* Post list now auto refreshes
* Infinite post swipe in the Reader
* Swipe between photos in the photo viewer
* QuickPress widget fixed
* Pull to refresh widget will tell you if network is not available during airplane mode
* Various bug fixes

WordPress remains free on the Play Store. For users that are interesting in being involved in the app’s beta process, the WordPress Google+ page is the point of contact.

[Source: Google Play]


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