Words With Friends Coming to Android Soon?

Words With Friends Coming to Android Soon?

Dec 22, 2010

The scrabble-esque phenomenon known as “Words With Friends” may be heading over to Android very soon. “Words With Friends” has been the premier scrabble game on iOS since its inception and almost every iOS user I know plays this game on a daily basis. I was always a little jealous and thus searched for a similar game for my Android device. I have since been rocking “WordWise Pro” and have been happy with it for the most part. Wordfeud for Android is another very popular alternative and has seen much success with Android users. While these are both great games, they aren’t “Words With Friends.”

So, what if “Words With Friends” came to Android? Would you ditch Wordfeud or WordWise? Would it become an instant success on Android, just as other popular iOS games such as Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja have? Well, these may be some questions we’ll be seeing the answers to in the near future.

It seems a tipster named Jordan sent in some info (to a couple sites but I read it on Android Central first) about an email he had sent to the developers of Words With Friends and the response he received. He had asked about the status of a possible release of Words With Friends for Android. The reply from Newtoy inc gives a clear indication that it is indeed coming to Android and that we should expect it soon:

“We’ve since hired a team to develop an Android version. They’re actively at work on it at the moment and are getting close to being done, so not too much longer!”

It also turns out Android Central hit the developer up with a follow question and received a reply indicating that the Android release should be fully compatible with the iOS version:

“We are working on an Android version, but we’re not ready to share much more beyond that. Our goal is that it will be compatible with the iOS version from day one.”

There you have it folks! Android will soon be getting yet another hit iOS game and not only will we be sharing this hit title but we will also have the chance to compete against our fruit wielding foes in a battle for complete scrabble (well not really scrabble) supremacy. No release date as of yet but as soon as we hear it, you’ll hear it. Now start hitting the scrabble dictionary to brush up on your skillz.

Source: Android Central

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