My Xbox Live Arrives on Android, But Missing New Features

My Xbox Live Arrives on Android, But Missing New Features

Jun 14, 2012

Microsoft has released their My Xbox Live app for Android devices at last. This is designed to let Xbox Live users access their account and see the latest information on Xbox 360 from anywhere. USers sign in with their Xbox Live account information (note that a button has to be pressed at the launch of the app every time, though it will only ask for accoundt info on initial login), and this grants them access to various featues on their account. A spotlight with videos from Xbox are available, showing trailers and upcoming Xbox features. The social tab lets users see their online friends, check and send messages to other Xbox Live users, and check the game beacons that their friends are sending out. Thy can also check the achievement progress in their recently-played games. It’s possible to edit one’s avatar as well, in case the desire to dress up as Tails, or add an arrow to one’s knee, strikes.

The app is sadly lacking some of the features from iOS version’s latest update, including direct control of some Xbox apps, with a virtual controller to navigate menus. Yes, Android apps lacking the features of their iOS counterparts is not a new thing, but when a feature-deficient Android app comes out the same day as an iOS update? That just seems particularly insulting.

Note that this is not that SmartGlass app that was teased at E3 by Microsoft, just a companion app designed to make Xbox users more in touch with their accounts while on the go. My Xbox Live is a free download from Google Play. Note that the app can be downloaded on some tablets, but won’t actually run on them, as an alert pops up saying that the app won’t work that well on the device. Seriously. Oh, Microsoft.

Carter Dotson
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