YEVO 1 Truly Wireless Headphones Launch

YEVO 1 Truly Wireless Headphones Launch

May 24, 2017

Wireless headphones — truly wireless ones — are growing in popularity, and Swedish-based YEVO lab is throwing its hat into the burgeoning ring with its new flagship offering: the YEVO 1 Wireless Headphones.

Yes, it’s worth mentioning again… these are true wireless headphones that incorporate bluetooth technology and near-field magnetic induction.

YEVO Labs founder and president Andreas Vural mentions the products appeal. “We look to uncover the future of audio at YEVO Labs and pride ourselves in pushing the boundaries of technology,” he says. “YEVO 1 not only changes the way people will experience audio, it connects with our customers’ personal individuality and unique style.”

The new headphones are available now for $249 online.

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