Yodo1’s New Game ‘Looty Dungeon’ Due Out on Google Play

Yodo1’s New Game ‘Looty Dungeon’ Due Out on Google Play

Sep 16, 2016

Looty Dungeon is an upcoming endless crawler game from Yodo1.

Looty Dungeon is a fast-paced one-tap game of risks, rewards and loot. Players can easily control their hero’s movements by swiping and tapping the screen, while holding it will use special abilities – such as blocking projectiles, firing arrows and using magic spells.

Players will quickly guide one of more than 40 different heroes through multiple environments, and ultimately to each rooms’ exit, before the floor collapses under their feet, ending the level. Exits are on the other side of gauntlets filled with death traps, vicious monsters and sometimes powerful bosses.

New hero types will be unlockable by spending loot gathered from each run. Characters include fantasy mainstays such as the Rogue and Mage, as well as less typical Heroes like the Twins and Bucket Man. Each hero has their own play style and abilities.

The game will be out on September 27th; check out the trailer:

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