The New York Times Updates for Modern Android Devices

The New York Times Updates for Modern Android Devices

Oct 2, 2012

The Old Gray Lady has a new coat of paint. The New York Times has updated their app to be compliant with Android 4.x design themes.

While the app still uses the look and fonts of the newspaper and website, this does ensure its consistent look that the venerable institution has cultivated. However, there’s a dropdown menu with different sections of the paper available, in order to read top national headlines or just the latest sports news. Articles can be saved to a New York Times account if logged in to, or shared via Android’s built-in sharing option. The app only offers full access to New York Times subscribers, otherwise there’s a limited daily reading limit.

The importance of this update is that there’s a major publisher, one that’s bridging the gap between traditional media and new media, that is taking Android seriously enough to design their app around its design standards. The update for the New York Times app is available now.

Carter Dotson
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